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Verify your identity, run criminal & sex offender checks, and link your social media accounts.


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Info Control

Take control of your own information and receive verified information from others.

  • Discover what others are finding out about you on the internet
  • Provide verified information to others, putting your best foot forward
  • Request other's REPP Profiles, so you receive verified and vetted information
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Sharing and viewing verified profiles is simple.

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Check out your date's background in seconds.

Online Dating

Want to know more about your potential date? REPP can help you date with confidence.

  • Don't get catfished - know that you're dating a real person
  • Your date's REPP Profile can give you transparency into their criminal background as well as their social media footprint
  • Share REPP Profiles so both of you feel comfortable about the other
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Buy, sell, rent, host or share online? REPP can provide extra assurances and transparency for your transaction on sites like Craigslist and Airbnb.

  • Sellers can request a REPP so they know who they're transacting with
  • Buyers can share their REPP to ease the mind of others
  • Eliminate trepidation in peer-to-peer transactions by knowing more about each other with REPP
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Make sure that buyer's legit in seconds.

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Your verified status looks great on your emails.


Put your best foot forward by sharing your REPP Profile with those you meet.

  • Give others an easy way to get to know you better with REPP
  • Share your REPP Profile on LinkedIn to verify yourself online
  • Embed your REPP Profile in your email footer to send a good impression
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